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Case Studies

At James Chase Consulting we take time to really understand your team and project needs and then create bespoke team building strategies that will help you successfully achieve objectives, on time and within budget. Below you'll find some of our most recent project stories, along with role titles of some of our fantastic associates that helped to drive each project forward.

Seamless AWS Migration for Ascential: A Collaborative Digital Transformation Journey


Ascential delivers specialist information, analytics and e-commerce optimisation platforms to the world's leading consumer brands and their ecosystems. Ascential were looking to consolidate platforms to harmonise the estate across multiple consumer brands. As part of this implementation, the infrastructure is moving to an AWS Cloud solution and, as such, James-Chase has provided digital expertise to assist in this migration effort.


James Chase has worked in collaboration with Ascential’s in-house teams to provide skilled development and test resource managed centrally under the associate’s consultancy agreement. This has provided Ascential with an increased breadth of knowledge to accomplish its deliverables across front end, infrastructure, and testing. The services provided under this agreement aligned with the client’s agile methodologies, processes and procedures allowing for predictable outcomes.


Over a 6-month period our associates have successfully delivered planned releases of software components and services which are of the high quality expected by Ascential and of tangible benefit to the business.

Associates supplied

  • Software Engineers

  • Marketing/Sales Managers

  • Product Managers

  • Product Designers (UX/UI)

  • Full-stack Developers

Digital Rejuvenation for a Prestigious Travel Association


A renowned travel association, boasting visits to over 2700 sites and nearly a million users, aimed to modernise its digital offerings. As the age of technology beckoned, they sensed the pressing need to refresh their data, website, and services, and partnered with us at James Chase Solutions.


Three main objectives were on our client's digital revamp agenda:

1. Overhaul outdated systems and data management processes.

2. Redefine the website to resonate with today’s users while preserving their brand essence.

3. Innovate with new services in line with current market trends.


The journey was marked with hurdles both technical and personnel-related. They required a range of experts, from Senior .NET developers to Business Relationship Managers, who could blend technical prowess with the association’s values. Challenges included:

1. Upgrading entrenched systems without stalling operations.

2. Discovering talent that matched both tech needs and the client’s ethos.

3. Addressing a tech landscape that required varied durations of expertise.


Our approach at James Chase Solutions is always partnership-driven. Our strategy was:

1. Assessment & Guidance: A deep dive into the client’s tech setup to draft the optimal digital transformation roadmap.

2. Collaborative Approach: Offering hands-on support, ensuring tech implementations were spot-on.

3. Recruitment Process: An exhaustive method of crafting tailored job listings, multi-channel candidate sourcing, thorough interviews, and strict vetting.

4. Ongoing Relationship Building: Our relationship with clients goes beyond just business. Regular check-ins and even casual coffee catch-ups underline our bond.


The outcomes of our partnership were palpable:

1. Data Efficiency: Our intervention ushered in enhanced data management and streamlined operations.

2. Streamlined Projects: Thanks to our elite team, the client's projects saw smoother workflows with professionals who gelled with their teams

Merging an Airline and

Holiday Platform into a Singular Digital Experience


Our client, a leading name in the aviation and travel industry, embarked on an ambitious journey to merge its separate airline and holiday websites into a unified platform. The goal was to provide a streamlined, integrated experience for its millions of global travellers.


  • Merge airline and holiday websites into a singular user-friendly platform.

  • Ensure seamless data transfer without any loss.

  • Integrate functionalities from both sites to offer a consolidated experience.

  • Maintain the strong brand consistency and recognition.

  • Make the new platform universally accessible.


Merging two independent platforms, each with its unique databases, interfaces, and user preferences, posed multiple challenges:

  • Achieving flawless data transfer without any information loss.

  • Combining functionalities from both sites without overcomplicating the user experience.

  • Upholding brand ethos and recognition throughout the merger.

  • Ensuring the platform adheres to global accessibility standards.


We approached this mammoth task with a detailed strategy:

Website Merging and Design:  Crafted a design that seamlessly blended the spirit of both the airline and holiday segments, offering users an immersive experience.

Data Transfer and Functionality Integration:  Carried out meticulous integration with our client's CRM, ensuring no data discrepancies.

Content Migration and Search Functionality:  Mapped and migrated content, thereby enhancing the search experience.

Accessibility Compliance and Translation Capabilities:  Ensured adherence to WCAG 2.1 AA standards and introduced multilingual features.

Trip Builders and Media Integration:  Implemented custom trip builders and designated space for partners.

Brand Consistency:  Preserved the essence of our client’s brand throughout the process.


The revamped platform by James Chase Consulting streamlined our client’s digital presence, merging flight and holiday services for quicker bookings. This unified approach safeguarded data integrity, ensuring no user data loss during the merger. With consistent branding, customer trust and loyalty were enhanced. Adherence to global accessibility standards widened the site’s appeal to a diverse audience. Positive post-launch feedback and operational efficiencies position our client for substantial ROI on their £1 million investment.