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Helping you deliver your IT roadmap

Since the start of James Chase Consulting, we've built up a fantastic network of associates from across the UK, including some of the best senior software engineers, architects, testers and project delivery experts on the market. We're proud of our unique and exclusive network, developed by extensively working and investing in the IT and Digital sector.

We have expertise in a vast range of technology stacks including as React, .NET, Java, Angular, front end technologies and native mobile development. So no matter what you project requires, we can help you with individual support or pop up technical teams.

Our teams have worked with leading brands, designing and building unique, innovative software solutions that drive competitive advantage.

Develop will help you to:

Boost the technical capabilities of your own teams.

Co-create governance procedures to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and in line with your business objectives

Lead collaborative teams that put your own people at the centre of every project, ensuring delivery fits with your ways of working.

Accelerate delivery and boost efficiency through agile development.

Discover exactly where and how software can make a difference across web, mobile, backend services and multiple technology stacks.

Guarantee new software meets your requirements with a rigorous shift left testing approach and fully quantifiable quality assurance.

Map out where solutions will fit in your architecture, and what the business implications are for building and deploying them.

Recruit and manage remote, outsourced teams of technicians to optimise costs.

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